mardi, avril 01, 2008

Bao Bei's birthday

It's not an April Fool's day joke though I had already tricked three friends this morning.

It's Bao bei's birthday. She turns four today. We really enjoy her presence with us and love her a lot. She likes to stay in the same room as us. And each evening, she will ask to be cuddled by Seb. Each morning, she will come to me to be cuddled. At night, she sleeps at our feet. She is part of the family.

Back to 1st April, it is really celebrated by the french. In the online papers, false headlines were published. When you clicked on it, it would bring you to a page with a fish. Today is poisson d'avril in french. April Fish. One of my colleagues came to office and checked if anyone sticked a paper fish on her back. My colleague's daughter was asking if she could trick her dad to believe that year 2008 was over. Even an English consultant played a trick on us informing us that there was a need for a major change in our program. He just emailed to tell us it was a joke! Seb did me a little trick too. The day is not over yet. Let me see if I can play a trick on him too. ;)

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