vendredi, octobre 17, 2008

Bias news

Go to this link. (
It says four in ten Singaporeans marry foreigners.
The images only show asian women with ang moh men.
And if you read the various articles proposed, most interviews were on local women with ang moh husbands.

Yet when you read the article, it mentions that out of the 8086 Singaporeans who married a non-citizen, 6200 were men and 1886 were women.

Aren't these images and interviews mis-representing the facts?
This gives the wrong idea that singapore girls prefer to marry ang moh while in actual fact, local men marry more foreigners than local women. Three times more!

PS: Ang moh is singlish for Caucasians.

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tim Soh a dit…

As for the ladies the men married, the ladies aren;t Ang Mo~

sohcool a dit…

We are talking about foreigners here. Anyone not singaporean is a foreigner regardless of race or color.

eternal__sunshine a dit…

they cannot bear to protray our social scene where Singaporean women is "marrying up" while Singapore men is "marrying down"
If a correct representation of photo is being used, that page will show 3 Singaporean men with foreigner-wives and 1 singaporean woman with Ang Moh husband. (rather than what it's showing, all 4 couples are Singaporean women with foreigner husbands) Singaporean women talk back and at least 6200 (and growing nos. of)
singaporean men can't handle that.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Yeap, it's more sexy having angmoh "in-laws" than the Mainland Chinese, Indonesian etc ones that Singaporean men end up marrying.

Those girls don't talk back (initially), but I've known a few who got their PR and who then left Hubs and even kids for some new adventure.

Having said that, not all angmohs fall into the "marrying-up" category. I've also known quite a number of better-educated and/or rich Singapore girls marrying less-educated foreign men. But maybe more interesting.

sohcool a dit…

When I got married, my ang moh husband was jobless and we had no apartment. Not the typical situation that a Sg girl would accept. I am sure my mom was worried sick.
Well, love is blind and love overcomes obstacles.

SIG a dit…

I think at the end of the day, we didn't marry them because they were of a certain race. It just so happened that they are. The truth is, my ang moh man is very much Asian in his values etc, surely not your typical ang moh.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Like my Sec 4 class motto : Amor vincit omnia. :-)