mardi, décembre 01, 2009

One crazy, scary week

Baby A was at his grandparents' 2 weekends ago while Seb and I went on a long weekend to Prague. I was looking so much to this vacation and indeed, it was great.

On tues, when I drove to Chartres to pick up baby A at noon, he was starting to have fever. Baby A's grandma and I decided that he should see a doctor in Chartres right away. The pediatrician advised us to go to the hospital as baby A was having a fever of 39.9°C. He was coughing, having diffculty breathing and was suspected to have H1N1. By the time we were attended to at the emergency room for children, it was already late afternoon. Blood test was taken and baby A was admitted to the baby ward. Seb rushed home after work, packed some clothes and took the train to Chartres. We had to bring down baby A's temperature and also to stablise his breathing.

Baby A stayed a total of 5 nights in the hospital and was discharged on sunday. Seb and I took turns to stay overnight as only one parent was allowed. During the day, we were both at our son's side. Each day, we held hope that he would be discharged.On Wed night, I was asked if I could share the room with another baby who was also suspected of having H1N1. The children ward was over crowded and the hospital could not afford to give each patient a room though in the ideal situation, this should be the case. I accepted as there was really no other choice though I heard other parents insisting on not sharing rooms.

The test result came only on thurs for baby A and he did not have H1N1. He had virus infection to his lungs and it triggered an asthma attack. However, the 4 month old baby who shared his room was tested positive with H1N1. When her fever subsided on Friday, she was discharged. This time round, I insisted that I won't allow my baby to share the room. The head doctor of the children ward was apologetic.

Since admission, all patients who were suspected to have H1N1 were given Tamiflu. This included babies though no lab test had been done for babies under a year old. A 5 weeks old baby in the ward was given Tamiflu too.

Baby A and I are staying at home this week since we had been exposed to a H1N1 carrier. Seb and I are on Tamiflu as well as a preventive measure. The thing is, no doctor can be certain that Tamiflu works or that it prevents us from getting H1N1. And all doctors have different views about the vacination.

The 4 month old girl was alright though she got H1N1. In another case, this was not so. On Saturday, the doctors were trying hard to rescue a kid. Seb and I saw the actions as the emergency room in the ward was in front of baby A's room. We read today in the newspaper that the kid, aged 6 died from H1N1 plus another virus. She came to the hospital on thurs and was told to go home after consultation. Her condition worsen on friday and was rushed to hospital.

This whole affair drained out all our engergy. It scared me too. I am confused. Baby A is determined as asthmatic. With this complication, we were strongly advised to vacine him. But did he already had H1N1 during his stay at the hospital?

For this week, I am bring baby A to a session of respiratory kinesiotherapy each day. I do hope that he will fully recover soon. Winter is just beginning and I pray hard that my son will be well.

I need another vacation but I have no more leave and I don't think I can leave baby A behind. Not that I think my in-laws did not do a good job. Baby A falling sick had nothing to do with them. They took great care of baby A and they love him.

Given a quiet moment, I will look at the photos of Prague and write a little post about it. That will maybe lift up my spirit.

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Anonyme a dit…

I can only empathise. Please take care. (Kann Chia)

MomiJJ a dit…

Hi dear,

It was really a scary week! I hope it was completed over. It is indeed some side effect on H1N1 medication.

Back in spore, I have friends who kids were given Tamiflu medication althot they do not have H1N1 but only fever. The hospital just did not want to waste time doing the test and wait for the result. Regardless if u got it, they just stuff the medication to u.

Baby A is too young, if no H1N1 better dun give it to him. Some side effect like hyper active etc.

U rbr Irene Burrow? She and his son got H1N1, after medication she realised her son was extra violent (He was like 2yo back then) and he went to bang his head on the wall and do some unpredicted action.

She said that was the side effect of the the medication. SO just take note....

However, if really need to take it, just have to give it to him.

Will pray for Baby A and the family.

Carol a dit…

OMG!! I'm in shock after reading this! I hope Baby A is recovering well now.

I can totally emphathise what u went thru, the anxiety and worry and must have been totally drained, physically and mentally.

Do take care and I will pray for u and ur family.

PS: I've sent u an email. Read it when u've the time.

sohcool a dit…

Hi ladies,
Thank you for all the well wishes and kind concern. Yeah, I find baby A very active during his stay in hospital. I thought it might be due to his confinement to a small room.
Baby A is alright now. Will have to bring him for vacination soon and praying that there won't be side effects.

Beau Lotus a dit…

It does sound like a acary week and I am glad that your boy has come out of it well.

Though I am sad to hear about the little girl, her parents must be devastated.

My kids were all sick a few weeks ago but they do not test for H1N1 here anymore so we do not know for sure what they had. I do not as such know if I should have them vaccinated or not. Headache...