vendredi, février 19, 2010

Very bad idea

When Singapore was building casinos at Sentosa, a lot of people thought it was a bad idea. Now, this had been confirmed. Only vices and no merits!
Less than a week since the casinos were opened, the news reported a theft commited by a gambler who lost all his money. Then, there were other casino-linked offences.
I wonder how many Singaporean families will be broken due to these casinos. Yes, I know what I am talking about. I know so many uncles and aunties, including family members who loved to gamble and sometimes beyond reasoning. They not only got themselves into troubles but dragged their families along. Very sad.

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Carol a dit…

I dunno if u had heard wat our gahmen said to defend themselves (or himself) on going back on their words to have casinos (not one but 2) in Singapore... totally lame...

sohcool a dit…

Huh? What did gahmen said?

Anonyme a dit…

My 2 cents worth, I think what the gahment has always reiterated is that the casinos IRs would bring in lots of revenue for Spore's economy and more importantly provide lots of jobs for local citizens.

It was opposed by a number of ministers but the very old man showed his true colors again that he is the one ruling Spore and not the rest and he bulldozed everyone during a Cabinet meeting by giving the green light for casinos with or without the consent of the rest of Cabinet ministers. This account was revealed openly in the press about 2 or 3 months back.

But its a pack of white lies that the casinos will help Spore. Cos the casinos are very keen to hire only foreigners as they are cheaper as no CPF need to be paid if they are on employment pass or workers permits.

As proven correct, lots of field trip reports written by bloggers have revealed that the majority of croupiers are from Taiwan, Macau, China & Malaysia @RWS.

Why would MNCs be concerned for local citizens while saving costs & improving profits is the main objective.

As long as the gahment allows very liberal employment hiring of foreigners, every Tom, Dick, Harry MNC would do its best to hire foreigners on the cheap.

All the talk about tightening the flow of immigrants & foreigners on employment pass & workers permits is just empty talk without any proof of statistics to show how they want to curb the flow.

Even the Spore citizens who are middle aged professionals are feeling the squeeze brought on by immigration & liberal foreign hiring at MNCs.

--Spore gal

Anonyme a dit…

he has said so much recently that all i can remember is -- if we (s'pore) don't upgrade or progress, one day all our women will leave home and become foreign maids. ..... (KC)

Beau Lotus a dit…

Personally I was quite upset each time I returned home to see so many foreign workers who do not speak the way we do or share any of our history.

But I will curb my displeasure and try to understand the situation and les enjeux more before I speak or I'll start sounding like Jean-Marie Le Pen.

See the danger...

sohcool a dit…

Hi Beau Lotus,
The last time I was in Sg, I was mostly confined at home. Thus, I did not see that many foreign workers.
Personally being a foreigner in France, I sometimes feel myself subjected to discrimination, be it positive or negative. What I gather from most Singaporeans is not that they don't welcome foreign workers. But they are coming in too fast and too many for the comfort of Singaporeans.

For your info, Jean-Marie Le Pen is doing fine. Saw him on the news yesterday having lunch with his aging supporters. :)