jeudi, mai 13, 2010

A nice spring day at Auvers-sur-oise

A few sundays ago, we went to Auvers-sur-oise where Van Gogh left his prints there. Like this plaque showing that he had lived and died in this house on 29 July 1890.

Auvers-sur-oise is a nice city with plenty to offer for art lovers looking for impressionist paintings. It even has a castle.
While visiting, we saw this giant dog. Many people stopped to take pictures of it. A search on internet shows that it was a great dane. And it seems that Scooby Doo was a great dane. Interesting.

The dog was patiently waiting for its owner and it was not long before she came and took him away. Baby A could use this great dane as a pony. He looked at it but with not much interest.

One can easily spend half a day in this city. There is a train station so it is easy to get here from Paris. We went to visit Isle Adam after Auvers-sur-oise. It was a chic and quaint town and we had a nice lunch there before heading home.

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