vendredi, juin 18, 2010

He can walk while the other is starting to kick hard

At a few days short to 14 months old, Baby A is walking by himself. It had been weeks since he cruised from furnitures to furnitures. He could have walk by himself but due to lack of confidence, he would hold on to our finger to walk.

This week, he walked all by himself at his grandparents'. He spent a week there and I guess the big terrace and space in the house made him wanted to explore by himself. We had him back at home today and it was amazing seeing him walking all by himself. Now, we had to remember to close all doors especially the kitchen's.

And baby A's little brother was starting to give strong kicks. He weighed around 650 grams a week ago. It is always a special sensation to feel baby kicking in me. Just a few more months to see the little one in real life.

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