samedi, octobre 02, 2010

The birth story

The day before he arrived, we were at Jardin de Plantes in Paris. On the way home, the usual 30mins drive became 2hours due to massive traffic. Saturday evening traffic in Paris was horrible. That was when the contractions started. On Sunday early morning, the contractions continued and became regular at 5 minutes interval at around 3.30am. I called my mid-wife, Adela and she said to go to the clinic and she would join us there. We arrived at 4.30am and Adela examined me. She prepared the labour room and at 5am, my obstetrician arrived. By 5.10am, the baby was out. Adela knew that I would like to have a natural birth and we worked towards it throughout my pregnancy. I was really pleased that the birth turned out as I wanted. No epidural or complications. So it was really true what people said about first delivery being long and subsequent ones would be faster. But neither Seb nor I expected it to be that fast.

I thank God for answering my prayers. Adela, my mid-wife was great. She knew that my first delivery was long and difficult. She did her best to ensure that I would get what I wrote in my first birth plan. I did not even bother to do a birth plan for this second one.

If you are looking for a mid-wife in the Parisian area, let me know. You won't be disappointed with Adela.

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Anonyme a dit…

Dear Ashley,
Congratulations! I read from your blog that it has been an easier pregnancy.
Peter and I are expecting our baby in January.
I hope that I am up for the first long and difficult pregnancy or who knows, an easy one!
We wish you and Seb and Alexis great joy with Baby 2 A!!
Peter and Liz

Beau Lotus a dit…


Birthing as you can see for yourself is really not that difficult, I had all 3 natural and without épidurale. No plans, no classes, no clinics (I gave birth for "free" in Parisian public hospitals, along with the Africans and the Arabs) and no confinement. A la sauvage as Hub likes to say. :-)

But bringing those kids up is a chore. I wish you lots of love and fun with the boys!

sohcool a dit…

Thanks Beau Lotus. For my first son, birthing was difficult. So, I really did not expect the second one to be so speedy. Nice to know that yours were so natural.
Thanks for your warning on the chore. But I see that you had lots of fun with your kids too. I hope mine will give me fun and not heart aches.
Oh yeah, I enjoy your blog lots.