jeudi, janvier 20, 2011

The iPad

Came across this article and it was really true in our case.
Children learning computer skills before life skills
Toddler A1 knows how to use his dad's iPad better than me. He could go to YouTube and select "Sesame Street" videos to watch. Or he could go to iTunes and select the Barbapapa videos to watch. He could adjust the volume, pause the video, and when I told him we had to switch it off, he knew which button to press. Gosh. I did not even know where was the "On/Off" button. I thought it was that round button at the bottom of the screen.
And when Toddler A1 watched videos on my laptop, he would touch the screen hoping to pause or change video. I had to tell him that my laptop was not a touch screen.
An iPad is really a child's play compared to computers. However, great supervision is necessary when kids are online. I feel that computers are more dangerous than television. Harmful materials are just a click away.
Seb and I do hope that we would be mindful and not take it for granted that toddler A1 could learn life skills by himself.

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Anonyme a dit…

my sis lets Kiki play with her iphone all the time. I was surprised that Kiki learnt to identify oval & diamond form the application. there are many other games/songs/flash cards apps that are useful but i feel that we still will have to monitor.

just 2 days back, Bren bought us an ipad. Kiki exclaimed- APPLE! Apple indeed. we played with one of the apps- poking and bursting bubbles. after which, she began poking the TV screen.

i think the babies these days are i-baby. (KC)