vendredi, août 05, 2011

What is he saying?

Toddler A1 is more than 2 years old and I have to admit with regards to speech, he is on the slower side compared with kids of his age. Recently, he is making progress and his vocabulary has improved each day.

At the age of 10 months, he was babbling with 'dada papa blah'. He was saying papa by then and effectively called out for his dad each time. He was really close to his father and it was Seb who put him to sleep each evening if he was available. The fact that I was pregnant with baby A2 and after that took care of the new-born might contribute to this closeness between son and dad.

Finally at age of 2, toddler A1 called me 'mama'. It was such a joy to hear that. Now that I am working 80% (part time), toddler A1 is closer to me. I put him to bed half the time. He starts calling me 'maman' (french) recently.

Except for the word 'mother' which he says 'mama' (chinese) or 'maman' (french), all other words he says are in one of the three languages. Yet, he understands us when Seb speaks to him in french, I speak to him in english and the nanny speaks to him in chinese.

He knows I meant water when I say 'water' but he replies 'eau'. At Brittany, he told his grandmother he wanted 'pi'. I thought he meant to say 'pen' in english but mispronounced it. Then it hit upon me that he was speaking in chinese. I translated to Seb's mother and she gave him paper and pens to keep him occupied.

Another occasion, he was out with his grandmother. He pointed at a car and said 'car'. His grandmother corrected him and say 'Ce n'est pas un car. c'est une voiture.' (It is not a coach. It is a car.) Then she realised that he was speaking in english.

Each time we go out and buy things, I will tell toddler A1 to say 'thank you'. He will look at the person and says 'xie xie'. Gosh. People are generally amused when they realise that I speak english to toddler A1. But they must be confused to hear something as greek as 'xie xie'. I just don't bother to explain that it was chinese.

Here are some of his vocab.
In English
'Pain' and then pointing to where it hurts
'Bye bye' and doing a flying kiss
'No' and 'Yes'

In chinese
'Yu' while pointing to the fish in the book (fish)
'Di di' (younger brother)
'Nehneh' ( grandmother)
'Bing' (biscuits)
'xie xie' (thank you)

In french
'papa' (father)
'maman' (mother)
'Cou cou' and waving (hello)
'Pipi' (papi for his grandfather)
'Encore' (more/again)
'çaça' (poo)
'pas là' (not there/here)
'là' (here)
'veux pas' (don't want)
'eau' (water)
'balle' (ball)
'bus' (bus)

To be corrected
'Bei bei' for all cats (Bao Bei is our pet cat)
'Moo' for cows
'Woo woo' for dogs
'Té té' and pointing to himself
'Barba' for Barbapapa

These are what I can think of at the moment. From the list above, I gather that he chooses to say words that are easiest to pronounce among the three languages.

Not forgetting baby A2, he is 10 months old and starts to babble about 'Dada papa blah'. Hm... I do hope he says 'Maman' soon.

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