mardi, novembre 29, 2011


The first of November is All Saints' Day. Since it fell on a tuesday this year, we took a day off on monday and headed for a long weekend. We were in Lyon from Sat to Mon and then drove up to Mâcon region for a night's stay at a bed and breakfast.

At Lyon, we stayed in a service appartment in the uptown. It was conveniently situated and we could walk back anytime for the kids' nap. The kitchenette was well equipped and clean. We walked a lot during these 3 days. A1 wanted to be on his dad's shoulders most of the time. A2 was mostly in his stroller.

This street of resturants was located just a stone's throw away from our service apartment. The bouchon lyonnais is a typical resturant that serves local food but these heavy food like pig's head and big sausages are not my cup of tea. I pass.

On one evening, we had dinner there al fresco style. The boys played beside our table and I made sure they did not venture out into the busy alley.
Ideally, this would be the way A1 travelled. But he preferred very much sitting on his dad's shoulders.
This is Place Bellecour. It is one of the biggest square in Lyon, third biggest in France. In the middle stands the statue of Louis XIV. On the hilltop is the basilique notre-dame de fourvière.

Below is the city hall of Lyon. There is a big fontain just on its right.

These are angry horses as their nostrils are fuming with steam.

Crossing the bridge over the Saône river to get to the old town.

The Cathédrale St Jean in the Old town.

Here is a wooden craved ox at Rue du Boeuf (Cow Street).

Inside a traboule. Covered passage way that brings one from a street to another quickly. Something typical of Lyon old town.

The zoo at the Parc de la Tête d'or. It is a big beautiful park.

Having breakfast at Pignol while A2 was checking out the pastries. The brioche aux pralines was very good.

Inside basilique notre-dame de fourvière.

At the hilltop looking over the city.

On monday, we took the Route de la vin of Burgundy. We passed by hectares and hectares of vineyards and did small stops at Mâcon and Cluny.

It was a great short trip and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

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