dimanche, mai 26, 2013

Bonne fête des mamans

It's mother's day in France today. On friday, A1 brought back from school a heavy wrapped up gift with fragile written on it. He told me it was for mother's day and his father had to help him hide it from me.
This morning, he gave the gift to me. I opened it and it was a beautifully decorated tile. It was heavy and indeed fragile. A1 told me that his teacher wrote the words 'BONNE FÊTE' and he wrote 'MAMAN'. He pasted the stickers and decorated the edge of the tile with blue and red plasticine. There was even a note pad attached. A1 said I could write my supermarket list on it. So sweet.

I was so touched by the gift. It was an innovative idea. I told him I would put it in my room but he insisted to have it in his room. Well, so my mother's day gift is right now siting on my boy's bedside table. My little 4 year old boy. :D

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