jeudi, novembre 21, 2013

Routine is good

I have been on the quiet side. Well, Seb and I went to Rome and it was my first time in Italy. We enjoyed ourselves. Rome's history is amazing and the Romans two thousand years ago were amazing people. We had guides for the Vatican Museum and at the Colosseum to explain the history and facts. I do recommend having a guide at these sites.

I started work since September and things are going very well. The kids enjoyed their school and I found work life balance. I enjoy going to office which is 65km away every monday. I leave the house at 6.15am and reach office by 7.45am. I knock off at 4pm and usually takes an hour to reach home. I enjoy seeing my colleagues. Yet, I felt I am more productive during the days I am working from home. It is quiet and I can concentrate better.

On tuesday, the boys go for gym lesson at 5.15pm. Their coach comes to pick up the children from school and the hall is just beside the school. I then go pick up the boys at 6.15pm after their gym.

There is no school on Wed so A1 has tennis lessons in the morning. A2 would love to join his brother in the indoor tennis court but he has to wait until he is 4. A1 likes his tennis lesson.

Thurs and Fridays are normal school days. The boys enjoy their after school activities that sometimes when I reach at 5.30pm to bring them home, they would want to finish their coloring, drawing, construction, playing etc. Nowadays, I often arrive at 6pm.

And the boys' activities do not end there. On sunday, we all head to Paris 13th district (Chinatown) for chinese lesson. The boys enjoy their lesson. Since they are young, the lesson is basically an exposure to the language. The teacher plays and sings songs with the children in chinese. I did not want to have a chinese teacher coming to our house to give chinese lesson to the boys. I wanted them to be in a class with other children so that they could be motivated to learn. So we sacrifice our sunday afternoon for the boys. The good thing is during that hour of lesson, I can go do my chinese grocery. That's hitting two birds with a stone. Poor Seb just holes up in the MacDonald nearby drinking bad coffee as it has free WIFI.

So a week passes just like that. Life is such a routine and I really thank God for that. Best, we found a babysitter. She had been taking care of the boys while Seb and I went to catch a movie. The boys warmed up to her easily.

During the two weeks school holiday on end Oct, the boys were very happy to do overnight stay at their grandparents' without us. As the boys get older, they are less sticky to us. I am relieved yet I felt they are growing up too fast. They are definitely no longer babies.

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