mercredi, mars 26, 2014

Mega slide

It had been a while since I searched on LeBonCoin for a second hand slide. The boys find the slide they had too small.
The search was over when I finally found the one within my budget and not too far away for pick up.
After we ensembled the pieces, the boys were happily playing with it. They put the small slide beside the big one and used it as a bridge.
On Wed, when my neighbour's children came over, they had fun with the slide too.
When I have the time, I will put up the small slide for sale on LeBonCoin.
Speaking of which, I sold the boys' Bebe Confort Axsis car seats within two days after putting up the announce on LeBonCoin. Such items do sell like hot cakes. LeBonCoin is free and very useful.
Vive LeBonCoin.

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