vendredi, mai 09, 2014

A2 is off his training wheels

For the past week, A2 had been asking us to take off his training wheels on his bicycle and trying to cycle by himself. We helped to push him as he could not find the balance and the strength to start.
He was a cautious boy and started step by step. He practiced almost everyday for 15mins. Today, he did well. He could turn the handlebars and made a big turn.
It won't be long before he could find his balance when starting the bicycle.
Just four months short of his four years, he has joined his brother in cycling on two wheels. I would have to get on my bicycle if I want to catch up with them when the boys go out cycling. It is hard to catch up with the boys by foot.
Maybe the next post would be about me brushing up my rusty cycling skills.

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