mardi, juin 03, 2014

Smart doggie

We spent five days at Brittany. It had been almost three years since we were here. It did not rain much while we were there but only on Saturday was the sun shining bright. 

Everyday, we spent the afternoon at the beach. On Friday, a dog came to the beach. We thought it was ahead of its master but no one was behind it. It sat on the beach for a moment and then picked up a stick and went to Seb. Seb took the stick, threw it and the dog run after the stick and fetched it. He then brought it back and dropped in front of Seb and stepped back. He wanted to play. What a smart dog. 

The boys were delighted at the intelligent dog and started to play fetch with the dog. They took turns throwing the stick. When A2 threw the stick into the water, the dog would cautiously wait for the waves to sweep up the stick before picking it up.

We told the kids not to touch the dog as we did not know it well. They played with the dog for a good while before the master came looking for the dog. He told us that it had run away from the garden when it spotted another dog. And that it loved to play fetching ball with his master at the beach.
What a well educated dog. 

We are coming back to Brittany in August with Handsome. I wonder what his reaction will be  at the beach.

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