mardi, juillet 01, 2014

Dog cushion

In his first year, Handsome destroyed all his cushions that we decide not to buy him anymore cushion. The dog cushions did not come cheap and having them destroyed in a few days' time was just like throwing money into the rubbish bin.

As Handsome grows older, he grows wiser too. He is doing less stupid stuff. So I felt he deserved another chance and sewed him a cushion. The home made cushion cost a fifth of the cushion we bought for him.  Another reason was that I wanted him to have an alternative than to sleep on the sofa when we were not in the living room. 

Often when I came down the stairs, I saw my dog hurrying to meet me. When I put my hand on the sofa, it was warm.  Despite having a blanket on the floor, he would prefer the sofa. He is an outdoor dog and I do not want him on the sofa. 

I took two pieces of left over fabrics (one was actually an old mattress protector) and sewed them togather. I put in stuffing and sewed a square in the middle so that the stuffing would not shift too much. I would prefer a darker color but I only had big white fabrics.

 Handsome got used to his new cushion quickly. He used it as his bed for the past two days. I had caught him chewing on it and had stopped him. Hopefully, this cushion would last a long while.

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