mercredi, avril 29, 2015


It is first of May soon. As with French tradition, we give a brin of lily of the valley on this day as a good luck symbol for the rest of the year. My friend told me there were lily of the valley growing in the forest nearby so I asked her to show me. We went this morning and she showed me where they were. It was not a trail that we usually took when walking the dog. It was a pleasant walk catching up with my friend and I managed to get a brunch of these delicate flowers. I had given some of the flowers to three neighbours.

In return, a neighbour gave me a brunch of lilac freshly cut from her trees. They smelled so good. 
Not so long ago, the same friend told me that at another forest which was about 5 mins drive from home, there were daffodil. On a sunday when visiting the boys' grandparents, I told the boys that we were getting flowers for grandmother. I directed Seb to the place and when we reached, I asked the boys to get off the car to join me to pick flowers. A1 replied 'I thought we were going to the florist. No, I do not want to go pick the flowers.' I asked A2 and though he usually followed his brother's decision, he was kind enough to come pick flowers with me. That was sweet of him.

One advantage of living in the country side is having free flowers. Spring is here and the forest is green once again. A really lovely sight. That is another advantage.

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