dimanche, septembre 04, 2016

School has started

School started last thursday on 1 September. A1 and A2 are in the same class again. There were more than 20 kids who finished primary school last year and only 6 3-years old starting kindergarten. This reduces greatly the population of the school. As such, a teacher was made redundant.
The rest of the three teachers in this kindergarten-primary school have to divide up the classes. 

Now, all three levels in kindergarten are taught by Sophie. Florence is taking the classes CP, CE1 and half of CE2. Véronique, the school principal is having the other half class of CE2, CM1 and CM2. This gives an average of 24 pupils for each teacher.

As A1 is in CE1 and A2 is in CP, they are both with Florence. Each teacher can choose his/her teaching materials. Last year, A1's CP teacher was using an old textbook dated more than 16 years old. This time round, Seb is happy to see that A2's CP teacher is using a different textbook. He does not want to go through the same reading material as A1 for A2. 

As I had mentioned before, studying in public schools in France is free. We do not pay school fees and only pay for lunch meals. Textbooks, exercise books and note books are provided by the school for free. 
The boys have to provide their pencil cases with writing pens and pencils, ruler, compass, color pencils, erasers and such. I spent about 10€ for their stationery this year.

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