dimanche, mai 28, 2017

Bonne fête maman

Today is mother's day in France. The boys told the father to pick them up on wed from school so that they could hide the Mother day's presents. 

This morning, they gave me each a paper bag. They drew on the bags and in them, were plants they planted. 

I love their drawings. A1 drew a rainbow according to an english song he learnt in school. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.  He wrote "Singapoure" to show that the lady was his mother. He asked if the spelling was correct. I told him in french, it was spelt as Singapour and in english, as Singapore. He spelt it Frenish way.

A2 drew a family of four with heart shaped flowers.

The plants were planted by them since a while back. I shall bring one to my office. What a sweet idea from the teacher. Even though they are in primary school, their teacher still makes an effort for such occasion.

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