samedi, juin 17, 2017

A1's OB

This is A1's faithful friend since he was 3 months old. A1 is 8 now and every night he still sleeps with OB, his best pal. He has other friends in bed but OB is the one he brings for stay over at the grandparents or when we go on vacation. 

In the morning, sometimes he brings OB down for breakfast and at night, he starts looking for OB when lights are out. He would rush downstairs to look for OB.

OB is small but such a faithful friend. A1 loves him a lot. It is not possible to replace him. At least for the moment.
 No present for guessing why he is called OB. His name is tattooed on his paw. ;)

2 commentaires:

Random Person a dit…

Kiki's a cow shaped neck rest. Its name is 'Touchy'.
We have sewn Touchy several times and I think we need to top up the micro foam beads as Touchy is getting skinnier.

sohcool a dit…

OB is less puffy than before. But I dare not operate it to fatten it.