vendredi, janvier 21, 2005

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective House Cat

Bao Bei is only 9 months old but she is already having her own habits. She is so adorable but as you read on, not all habits are desirable by her owners.

1. My cat has a bad drinking habit. No, she is not an alcoholic. It is just that she only drinks water from cups, glasses, taps except the cat bowl. If someone is drinking a glass of water, she will be eyeing on that glass. Once the glass is put back on the table, she will go to it and check if the water level is within the reach of her mouth. She tests this by putting her front paw into the glass. Next, she verifies if her head is able to go into the opening of the glass by bending forward. If all are possible, she will start her art of drinking from the glass. If there is not much water left, she will just use her paw and then lick on it.
Of course, nowadays, we tried not to give her this habit. We drink direct from the mineral water bottle. She meows at us asking for water. And if that does not work, she jumps onto the top of the sink and tries to act as though she is dying of thirst. All this while of couse, there is always fresh water in her cat bowl. Is it a good habit? Indeed, Seb and I are always amused by her drinking habit.

2. Every night, Bao Bei will wake up Seb at 3am and then at 6am. It is as though she can read the time. It is so automatic. At 3am, she will 'lick' on Seb's neck to wake him up. At 6am, she will sit on his chest and bit on his nose. What she wants from Seb is just to go to the kitchen with her, switch on the light, add in a few fresh cat biscuits and she will start eating and leave Seb alone. It is the same thing at 3am and 6am. We think that she is a black cat who is scare of the dark. How ironic.

3. So at 6am when Seb wakes up for the day as he can't get back to sleep, Bao Bei will come to me after she has eaten and sleeps beside my legs. I usually wake up at 7.30am. So we really can't figure out why she can't leave Seb alone to sleep. Of course she bothers me sometimes at night too but the success rate is slimmer as I usually just push her towards Seb. :)

4. The fourth habit is driving us crazy. Each Sat, we change Bao Bei's litter. And the first thing she does right after the fresh litter is put into the litter box is to do a big shit. It is really immediately as though the litter has a special effect on her bowel system. And of course, after the big business is done, she will try to cover up with the litter but splashing the litter outside of the box onto the floor as well. So we will have to sweep up the litter. It is just so ritual.

5. Bao Bei does not like to eat alone. I mean if we are at home, she can go to the kitchen and feed herself. But if Seb and I are not at home for the whole day, once we reach home, she will be rushing out from the bedroom and straight to her feeding bowl. Then, she will start gluping up the cat food. It looks as though she has been waiting since the whole day for us before she starts eating. How sweet right? I have no idea what's in her little brain.

6. Bao Bei likes to sit outside the window ledge. So, each morning when we open the windows to open the shutters, she will be under the window waiting for the instant when the window is opened to jump up on the window ledge. Of course, we are very concerned as she had fallen from the window when she was 3 months old. So, we are fighting hard with this habit. Call this "height-phobia" from concern pet owners.

7. The last habit of course is to do lots of stupid things and then look at us with big, innocent eyes like those of Puss-in-boots in Shriek 2. How can we be angry with her. She scratches while playing, bites when excited, pulls the curtains, chews on the flowers, jump on the dining table, shit or pee when we are eating inthe kitchen, pulls out all the toilet paper from the roll, etc.... yet each time, there are those 2 big innocent eyes. Gosh, they just melt your heart right away.

So, there you are. The seven habits of highly effective house cat. We don't always love all these habits but we do love Bao Bei so much. It is winter and she sleeps with us all the time now. It is just so sweet. If you can live with these seven habits and desire for a full experience, go get a cat. I'm sure SPCA has a lot to spare.

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Michael Low a dit…

Haha, your cat sounds just like my dog, especially Cookie, the younger one. Cookie also does not like to eat alone, and we sometimes have to sit with her and watch her eat, otherwise she is not very interested in her food. The difficulty is that we can't leave food out for her because Jackie, the older dog is very greedy (that's also the other reason why we have to sit with Cookie when she help guard her food!).

I don't know if Cookie is part cat, but a lot of the things that you mention about things that you mention about Bao Bei seem to apply to Cookie too. She also likes to look out windows; we have found her on occassion sitting in the balcony just staring out at the sky. That's why we think she is going to enjoy the new house very much (full length windows!).

Same with the big mournful eyes; fortunately she is usually not naughty, so she only looks at us like that when she wants something (like a warm lap to crawl into).

Re the waking up in the middle of the night, Jackie used to do that too, but fortunately not so often; she would get hungry at 5am and bark to wake us up. We had to train her to stop barking and wait until we were up...she has now learnt to wait for the alarm to go before she starts asking for food. Don't know if that will work with a cat though....but you can try!