mardi, février 08, 2005

Chinese New Year

In another 1.3 hours, it will be chinese new year in France. I called mom at 5pm in office today to wish her a happy chinese new year. It is the first time I spent my chinese new year overseas. How does that feel? Well, I miss steamboat and BBQ pork. It sounds simple but reflect on that and the sense of longing is deeper than just the good taste of food. It is habitual, tradition and all those good old feelings.

Seb and I went Chinatown on Sat to check out what we can find. I bought some food to cook tomorrow. After work, I will rush home to dish up some simple singaporean food for 2 invited guests. I would rather do it today as it is chinese new year's eve and it is really important to eat as a family. The invited guests are like family here in Paris. But I had my french lesson and today we were doing subjonctif which is very important in the french language. So I could not afford to skip class today. Seb cooked instead and the two of us had a good meal after my lesson.

I watched CCTV and saw Jackie Chan singing 'Nan er tang zi qiang'. There was this variety show from China and it felt good to be having reunion dinner in front of a chinese program.

Got to get back to watching CCTV now. Have a great Chinese New Year and 'Xin Xiang Shi Cheng' (Heart thoughts become true).

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