jeudi, février 14, 2008

Fitness Center

I joined a fitness center recently. I never like the idea of running on a threadmill nor having to follow the steps of an aerobics coach. However, I no longer joined the badminton club and I had been too lazy to go swim. With age catching up, I felt weak and lethagic.

A few months ago, a fitness center for ladies-only opened just two blocks from my office. A few of us went on a free trial session and we were satisfied. Now on every tuesday and thursday, my three colleagues and I would head down to the fitness center for 30 minutes of exercise.

In the fitness center, there were a spa machine, a suntan bed and the usual fitness equipements. There was also a TV room where we could do stretching, aerobics etc following a video. What interested us was the coaching class. Each day, there was a different theme. It could be toning, silhouette, slimming etc. We had a pretty coach and during 30 mins, we would be working out on different equipements. Every 1 min, we would change equipement. The coach was not demanding but encouraging. She guided us to tuck in our tummy and reminded us to breathe. She showed us how best to operate an equipement. It was never boring as the music and sequence of workout changed often.

We had been regulars since a month. Each time we did the chest theme, our arms and underarms would be aching the next day. I like this fitness center as it catered only to ladies. I noticed a number of Muslims women in the center.

My goal is to be able to carry the grocery bags packed with milk, juices and fruits.

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Paradoxical Carrie a dit…

If it's ur goal to just be able to carry bags of groceries, there is no nid to spend the money to go gym.. Keke... just start wif smaller bags and gradually increase the weight.

Alright, enough of making fun of u. In fact, it's good to visit the gym since it's so near, I wld hv done the same thing if there's a gym near my work place but sadly no. Our usual 2.4km run during out fitness test in the past was chicken feat for me, now it's a tough task. Haha. Age is catching up.

sohcool a dit…

You don't even need a gym near your workplace. No excuses because I know you have a swimming pool, gym facilities just downstairs of your home. ;)


Paradoxical Carrie a dit…

No no, tat's different... just like u said, having an instructor to "encourage" (in SG it's PUSH/FORCE) u to work out hard on those machines makes it different than jus having a gym or pool downstairs.

If I do sign up for a gym membership, the main reason will be tat the exercise classes tat are conducted there interest me. I enjoy going for such exercise classes (thou I will try to avoid those classes tat requires lots of coordination work cos I have 2 left feet haha!).