mardi, février 26, 2008

Waiting for the King's Bounty

I like to play games. There were a few computer games that I really enjoyed. I loved playing WORMS 2 with my brother. It was so cute trying to kill each other with bazooka, homing pigeon, napalm strike, baseball bat, shotgun, handgun, punch etc.... Yeah, I said CUTE. You really must play it to understand it.

I liked building with SIM tower. I preferred that to SIM city. Recently, I was addicted to Mario Galaxy and had finally rescued Princess Peach with my WII console. With great graphics, Seb had managed to convince me to change our TV set to a flat screen one.

Yet, my all time favourite game is the DOS based King's Bounty (see picture above). I guess it was more for nostalgic seek but I do really enjoy this simple graphics game. From time to time, I would start a game of King's Bounty. Seb would be puzzled. He would recommend me to get new games. But no, I just like it. A new 3-D King's Bounty is going to be in the market soon. I really look forward to getting it. But nothing will replace the original one.

2 commentaires:

tim Soh a dit…

KB rocks, and i still miss playing worms with you!! you rock ash!!!~~~

tim Soh a dit…

KB rocks, I miss playing worms with you!!! anyone that can kick my butt~, it has to be you!! Ash rock~~~