jeudi, mars 06, 2008

I have no answer to this question.

Often I have friends asking if I can recommend any cheap accomodation for their friends who are visting Paris. Well, I could not offer any help as I had never stay in a hotel in Paris.

If my friends are coming, they would be staying at my humble place. That is if they do not mind the big sofa bed. However, I decided to offer some websites I found recently regarding alternate accomodation in Paris. There is no big grand hotel mentionned. If you can pay 200€ per night, ignore this entry and just go to Yahoo! or Google and type in "hotel in paris".

I have never tried out any of the lodgement in these sites. You are at your own risk if you choose to contact them. Still, there is no harm checking and deciding for your own. Irene, I hope these are useful for your friend's aunties who are coming in May. And Ivan, I hope this is useful for you too. Sorry, my place is booked already for May. Low cost Hotels Hostels Apartments Bed and Breakfast in Paris for just35€ custom apartment rental service for short-term stays in Paris and breakfast in the 18th district Bed and breakfast in Paris Stay with Parisians at their homes. Need to be a member of this site.

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singairishgirl a dit…

Oh wow, I'll be in Paris in May! SO many people visiting in May?? Hehe. I booked my hotel n a/f already and gonna spend two days there. :)

sohcool a dit…

Hello singairishgirl,
Are you on free and easy tour? Have you already been to Paris? I hope that you will enjoy yourself.
And is princess coming with you?

singairishgirl a dit…

Oh yes! I never do tours. Yes, dear princess will be with me, and the hubs too. I have been to Paris couple of times. I want to show princess the Eiffel, Louvre, Sacre Couer etc. We are going to Ireland after that to visit the in-laws. Yes, will enjoy ourselves. How is weather there at that time?

singairishgirl a dit…
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