mardi, janvier 06, 2009

Manual torture

Yesterday we brought our car for servicing. Actually, I made a dent on the car 2 months ago when I accidentally hit on the kerb. The damage done was minimal but Seb insisted that we had it repaired. So, while the car was being repaired, we got a replacement car from the garage for the moment.
Boy, the replacement car was a small manual gear car and I am really rusty in driving such a car. It was scary and funny at the same time when I tried to put on the first gear and get the car moving. Since Seb's office was along the way, I had to drive him to work and then parked the car in my office parking. That is always a breeze with our automatic gear car.
When I left work to fetch Seb in the evening, I was mostly on gear 1 and 2. Good thing our offices were nearby but by the time I reached his office and he took over the wheels, I was having tummy ache. I guess I freaked out our unborn baby. Seb was telling baby that this is typical of mom's driving and he would understand when he is born. The car jerked too much from my 7 mins of driving especially at each changing of gear. Also, I was laughing so hard to myself in the car cos I felt as though I was brought back to my teenage days driving a daytona arcade game. This morning when I took over the wheels from Seb to come to office, I felt that I drove better than yesterday.
Still, both of us are so used to automatic car that we hope to have our car back soon.

2 commentaires:

Beau Lotus a dit…

Haha that reminded me of me when I started driving for the 1st time in the US 10 years after I've passed my driving license (at kampong ubi). And I was on automatic. Never drove far away and preferably only on the same roads - but now I go everywhere and on manual to boot. But my hub says all the time that I massacre my gears, suspension whatever with the way I drive. Seb's very sweet if he didn't nag you to death about the dent.

Michael Low a dit…

haha...good practice for you guys! Will make you appreciate your car more, hmmm? Did you get my email? Wasn't sure which account to send to...