jeudi, janvier 22, 2009

Yammy rice

I asked mom to buy me a bottle of yam rice paste the last time she came. It has been so long since I last had yam rice. Mom used to cook yam rice but I prefer those selling at some braised duck rice stalls in Singapore.

Last sunday, Seb and I went to Chinatown to do grocery shopping. As chinese new year is around the corner, the 13th district was full of asians. The traffic was messy with cars and humans all congesting along one street. I tried my best to grab the essentials and for the first time, I took a yam. I always thought it was difficult to clean yam but I was wrong. It was pretty easy. Below are the ingredients for the yam rice. Of course the rice was missing in the picture. There were the yam, some chinese mushrooms, dried shrimps and the yam paste.

And this is the end product. Though it did not look yummy, Seb liked it. And so did I. This is one easy one-pot meal. I only used up half the bottle of paste. I wonder if I could easily find yam in the supermarket here. If not, what can I use to subsitute the yam?

2 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

Wow, I've not tried this yam rice paste. Must do.

Carol a dit…

If you add a bit of dark soya sauce to the pot of rice, you will get similar close to what u can get at the duck rice stall.

If yam is the taste u are going after, there is almost nothing close to that which u can substitute with, unless u wan to use sweet potato but i guess it's just as difficult to buy from supermarket (and the rice will also end up a bit sweet).

You can try cooking withpumpkin and cabbage besides yam. Pumpkin will gives a nice, mildy sweet taste to the rice. If u cook with cabbage, u will have to add a bit of soya sauce or oyster sauce so that the rice will turn out more fragrant.

Go try and let me know the end results :)