samedi, mai 02, 2009

9 months are finally over

Today is my estimated delivery date. However, baby A decided to arrive early. He was borned 11 days earlier and weighed a mighty 3.340kg at 50cm. He is really the average size french baby but with regards to my petite frame, he is considered big for me. I did have a difficult time pushing him out. My mid-wife was telling me that my bed rest was too long and I should have given birth earlier. Well, I will know better next time.

I left the clinic on saturday and just nice, my mom arrived at 7am on this day. She is a great help to us. It's been a week since we are home. Baby A is growing well. As with all new borns, he lost 10% of his weight within the first few days. Now he is steady gaining weight and is at 3.150kg. He drinks well and sleeps well during the day. At night, it is more difficult putting him to bed.

Bao Bei is accepting baby A quite alright. She tends to tip-toe around him. In the above pic, Bao Bei was just watching over baby A. As new parents, we are tired due to the lack of sleep. For me, I feel like "la vache qui rit" (the laughing cow), just feeding and feeding.

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banana blossom a dit…

Hello soh,
Congratulations on the arrival of your baby-I am glad everything went well for you. I am also writing to let you know how I love the photograph of your baby and your darling cat, bao bei-so endearing.

SIG a dit…

Enjoy these precious moments. :)

Helios a dit…

congrats!! Enjoy the confinement and the food. I hope you don't have too many pantang restictions. My mum's list kept adding on as each aunty gave her views but I think I broke all of them.

I know the feeling of being a cow. And I'm still a cow now. bleah.


SIG a dit…

Happy belated Mother's Day! Wow, you just qualified in the nick of time hehhe.

sohcool a dit…

Thanks ladies.
I am really enjoying the confinement food that I put on weight since I left the clinic. Oops.

Mom is quite lax with the restrictions. But I still need to negotiate with her on some things after some aunties added their views. Sigh.

And mother's day in france is in June. :)

Carol a dit…

Hee, I guessed I've congratulated u enough so this time I'll just give u and little A my best wishes. Hope he'll be a good baby and sleep better at night so that u will get enough sleep too.

It's good to know tat u are enjoying ur confinement food as not all "confined" mothers enjoy the same kind of "restrictive" food for the entire mth. Have lots of nutritious food now, then diet later. Hee.. Take care ya!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Congrats, and your boy is already heavier than any of my 3...

And you're lucky to get a confinement, I had to wake up, shop and cook for my MIL when she came to visit.

sohcool a dit…

hi Beau Lotus, LOL. Yeah, I told my MIL that it is her duty to do confinement for DIL. She was like 'Sorry, no way I can do that for you.'