jeudi, mars 11, 2010

Keukenhof (18 March to 16 May)

I got excited this morning as I remembered that spring is coming soon. Each year, I realised that I missed Keukenhof only after seeing friends putting up photos of this event in their Facebook accounts. I wanted to go last year but was heavily pregnant at that time.

So, I started surfing for Keukenhof once I reached office and even contacted a friend who is living in NL now. This time round, I am not going to give it a miss. My mother is with us, and I am sure she will enjoy the flower garden as much as me.

The said friend gave me lots of useful info. It is feasible to do a day trip to Keukenhof from Paris. And that is what I plan to do. She suggested going around mid April as most flowers will be fully bloomed.

We decided to go around the last week of April. We shall take Thalys from Gare du Nord and get to Schiphol. That is a 3 hours train ride. And from Schiphol, there is a bus down to Keukenhof.

I am writing in advance in case anyone out there is interested to visit this spectacular place.

Now, I would really need to read up how to use our new Canon EOS 500D so as to take nice photos to show in my upcoming post about Keukenhof. Stay tune for more info on my visit.

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