lundi, mars 15, 2010

Mamie Gateaux

A few Saturdays ago, we went for a walk around the quartier of Bon Marché in the 6th district. For tea, we chanced upon a tea saloon by the name of Mamie Gateaux. Mamie = Granny; Gateaux = Cakes. The interior was designed in an old school style.
It was very quaint. For beverages, my mom and I had tea while Seb had coffee. I ordered a chestnut cake and Seb had a pain perdu (lost bread). The drinks and food were great. The ambience was cozy and the waitresses were nice. We were served by a japanese lady and only after surfing to blog about this did I realise that she was the lady boss.
Here is a post I found in french with pictures.
So if you do happen to be around this area, do not give this place a miss. The address is 66 Rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 Paris.

And if you are into good food, after tea, spend the next few hours cruising the aisles of La Grand Epiciere (The big groceries) nearby. As the name says, there are food from all over the world. It is impossible to leave this place without buying something to try.

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