mercredi, août 04, 2010

Appeal to women to take caution when they choosing a man as their husband.

I happened to surf to PAP's website and saw this interesting headline:

However, the article was discussing about ways to tackle ex-husbands who do not provide maintenance payment to their ex-spouses and children. So did Cynthia Phua meant for us women to be careful when choosing husbands in general. But she did not provide what sort of cautions we should take. After reading the article, I thought she meant for us women to be extra careful when choosing a divorced man as husband. Or maybe never to take a divorced man who did not support his ex-family as husband.

Singapore is really a nanny state. We ladies even have to be told to take MORE caution when choosing husbands. That's what any mothers would say to their daughters isn't it?

In France, I understood that if a man did not support his ex-family as decree by law, the ex-wife could lawfully impose the ex-husband's company to transfer that sum of money from his salary to her account. That was what I heard and needed to be confirmed. Maybe I could suggest that to PAP.

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