mardi, septembre 14, 2010

Home made rice wine

Mum made some home made rice wine. It was easy to do it. Just need to prepare them in advance as it took about a month to yield about a bottle of wine. This wine is to be used for confinement recipes purposes. So far, she had made about 3 bottles. Just waiting to use it anytime soon.

Hoping that second baby comes anytime now.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hmmm alittle rice wine in most dishes brings out the flavour!!!! And its brewed with love! Enjoy the confinement period with the 2 little ones and mommy!!!! I praying for you :D as the delivery date edges closer!!!!


Anonyme a dit…

I'm so excited for you! (KC)

sohcool a dit…

Thank you ladies. I'm excited too.