vendredi, septembre 03, 2010

Singapore population tops five million

Singapore population is growing really fast.
I remembered that 10 years ago, 1 in 4 people in Singapore was a foreigner.
Now, the ration stands at 1 in 3.

Read this and this.

I doubt it will ever be 1 in 2 but 1 in 3 is really a high ratio. Living in France, this does not affect me but I wonder how does it affect the Singapore-born locals there. Any insights from you?

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Anonyme a dit…

it literally feels 1 in 2 when you move about in SINGAPORE. let me tell you why. of the 5.08 total, 1.85 are non-SIN, 3.23 SIN. of 3.23 SIN, we have the polarity of the new born and the aged (do they make up 1mil?), while the mix of 1.85 are made up of mostly the working class, be it white, brown or blue collars. (Means, we have 1.85 mobile, non-SIN people at our trains, parks, shopping malls, estates, schools, restaurants, etc.) while we may have 2.23 mobile SIN people, half of whom may find it increasingly irate having such dense non-SIN population and could only lament that we lack the talent and fertility? or is that what we've been told. (not a question btw) (KC)

Anonyme a dit…

well, ive no problem w tt.

we're singaporeans and we're on our own land. even if foreigners are more than locals, we're still the privileged ones.