dimanche, novembre 07, 2010


When I was pregnant the first time, I requested from Seb to offer me a token of appreciation based on the birth weight of baby A1. Baby A1 was 3kg340g and I had 334€ as the gift. With this, I bought a ring with a quartz gemstone and a few charms from Agatha. The theme was based on baby and I got a milkbottle, a boy and a rocking horse charms. These gifts should last forever and are of great sentimental values to me.
When baby A2 was borned, we continued with tradition. He weighed 3kg100g at birth. With my new gift amount, I added 2 more charms; a diamond ring and a letter A to complete my bracelet. I will most probably shop for a pair of pearl earrings to use up what's left of the cash.
If you are interested in Agatha's charms, you can create your own at its website.

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Anonyme a dit…

my babies were 3,645 kg and 2,900 kg. Definitely, second is easier... Aurelie