dimanche, novembre 28, 2010

Mom's the best

Though I'm a mother now, the title of this post is not about me. I'm referring to my mother. She is really the best. We always have a good relationship togather and for the past 10 months, I appreciated her much more than before.

She readily dropped her social life and family and business to come to take care of her grandchildren. She did not speak any french; knew no one else here than us; yet, she was brave enough at this age to take this big step. She always put her family before all else.

10 months passed so fast and now she is back in Singapore. I want to thank her for all the things she had done for us; especially her love for babies A1 and A2. She had more engergy than me. It is amazing what she had accomplished and even her friends were telling her that they would not have done what she had done. I love my mum.

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Anonyme a dit…

You are very lucky. =) (KC)