samedi, avril 23, 2011

Back from Singapore

2.5 weeks passed by in a wink of an eye. When we arrived in Singapore, Baby A2 took more than a week to sleep properly. He would sleep during the day time and not at night. Seb and I hardly had the energy to do much during the day. Only for the last week did I start to feel it was my holiday. We did however go on short outings like market for breakfast, going to the playground and to the swimming pool.

Toddler A1 enjoyed himself at the pool and playground. It was always difficult for him to leave the pool or the slides. At the food center, he discovered milo and drank it almost every morning.

We visited the zoo and toddler A1 just wanted his dad to carry him. Poor Seb. The weather was too hot for him and he had to carry his son.

But I think that toddler A1 had more interest in the animals this time round than many months ago at the Thoiry Zoo.

I tried to meet friends who contacted me. But most times, it was for a short period. I organised a BBQ and ended up having Tim and Carmen BBQing for us in the heavy rain. Poor them. Really appreciated their help. Despite the downpour, most people turned up and it was just great seeing old friends coming with their kids. I just wished I had more time for each.

Before leaving, we celebrated toddler A1's birthday. He turned 2. He is no longer a baby.

The flight back was uneventful. Someone got sick when we were nearing Paris and the plane had to do an emergency stop at Frankfurt. Toddler A1 did not want to sit for the landing and cried so much that he vomitted his morning milk. The medical team came onboard and sent the sick passenger to the hospital. We landed in Paris 4 hours late. The captain did update us regularly on the passenger's condition. She was out of danger as of last info.

This trip felt so short. With kids, we were just occupied with them. We are leaving for Chartres tomorrow to spend a night. Monday is Easter and there is the yearly chocolate egg hunt in the garden. After that, vacation is truly over. It is back to work!

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