mardi, avril 26, 2011

SIA and Changi airport

When we arrived in Singapore, we were surprised to see at Changi Airport Terminal 3 this stroller service. We gladly put toddler A1 in it and chunked our hand luggage underneath the seat. It was such a great idea that I wish France CDG airport would implement it.
And I really appreciate Terminal 3 for being kids friendly. After checking in, we just wait around the playground while toddler A1 had his last fun in Singapore and me giving baby A2 his last milk feed.

Pleasant things did not just end there. The custom officer gave us a $5 beverage voucher when she saw that it was toddler A1's birthday. However, we just had dinner so I gave the voucher to the cleaning lady.

And Singapore Airlines presented us a birthday cake which we used as a belated celebration at home. Of course, you would have to inform SIA that you wish for a cake. ;) Thanks Diana for the tip but we did not have champagne offered.

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