vendredi, novembre 16, 2012

Rome can wait

Seb and I were to suppose to spend 4 romantic days in Rome starting today. With my domestic accident, the trip is cancelled. I was able to cancel the hotel booking with no cost. As for the air tickets, I bought travel insurance so I was able to get back almost all the money. Not that the tickets cost a lot since we were flying with the budget airline, EasyJet. Since my car accident in Singapore 3 years ago, I came to realise that travel insurance is important. I would always include travel insurance in our holiday budget.

Picking up from my last post, I did not wait until monday for my x-ray. I realised I could not drive in my state and my lower back was still hurting lots. So on sunday, Seb drove me to the hospital while his mother came to take care of the boys. Fortunately, we arrived at the Emergency just before the peak so I was received by the doctor after waiting for an hour. I did an x-ray and was told that my sactrum was fractured. Nothing much to do except bed rest and to sit on cushion. Pain killers were given.

Five days have passed and I am getting better though slowly. I am disappointed over the cancelled trip. It was meant to mark our 10th wedding anniversary. Many kind friends told me that Rome can wait. Indeed. With this accident, the whole household was relying on Seb. He has proven himself that he could be a full time working 'mother' taking care of the kids, me and the housework. His load will be heavier as we are welcoming a new family member tomorrow. One with four legs. Will update more with photos.

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TN a dit…

Oh my! That must hurt bad. So sorry you had to cancel your trip. We are also looking forward to the day when we can go away for a long weekend alone! Sorry yours was postponed :-(. Rest up