dimanche, novembre 25, 2012

Ten years

Ten years of marriage for Seb and I. Wow. What a milestone.
On the anniversary day, Seb worked late and came home at 8pm. After the kids were in bed, we had an 'after work' drink. We opened a bottle of champagne and chilled out.
I asked my husband if he remembered where we had our honeymoon. He actually forgot the name of the place. So we started looking up internet to look for the name. I know that it was a resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia but I don't remember the name of the resort either. It was Avillion Port Dickson resort. We spent 3 days there. It was really a mini honeymoon compared to my many Singaporean friends who did 3 weeks of europe tour.
Seb replied that my good life in France more than compensate for that short honeymoon. As usual, my husband is right. I am happy with my life here though there are always little ups and downs.
The next day, Seb came home with a lovely bouquet of flowers to mark our anniversary. A little late but better than never. I just love to have flowers at home. Hoping for more good years to come.

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