mardi, décembre 17, 2013

A knight tunic

The chinese teacher wrote us an email saying that A1 wanted to dress up as a giraffe and A2 as a horse for the performance this sunday. I asked the boys and A2 told me he wanted to be a knight and not a horse.
After searching internet for a knight and giraffe costumes, I decided it would be easier for me to do the dress up myself. A1 and I will do a giraffe mask togather. I think that would be fun. I do need to go buy yellow craft paper. As for A2, I found a few sites on making a knight's costume. These are the two sites which I used to come up with the costume.
Instead of using felt, I used left overs fabric and before one can say 'Knight in a shining armour', I sewed up a blue knight tunic.
A2 was delighted to have his costume. It fitted him well. I am rather please with myself.
 Next post would be about the giraffe mask. I am thankful for generous and creative people who share their ideas on internet.

5 commentaires:

MomiJJ a dit…

This is so well done. You are a wonderful wife and mother.

sohcool a dit…

Hi MomiJJ, Thank you for your compliment. Still, can't compare to you as you dish up such good dishes each weekend. Cuisine wise, I have a lot to learn from you. ;)

Cheryl a dit…

Your tunic looks amazing! What a fabulous job, and one lucky knight! :)

Cheryl a dit…

Your tunic looks fabulous! I love the colors, too! That is one lucky knight!!! Long live his adventures!

sohcool a dit…

Thank you Cheryl. I love your posts and will reference them for future use and recommendations. Have a joyful Christmas season.