mercredi, janvier 08, 2014

Unexpected trip to Singapore

Happy new year my friends. I had wanted to write earlier but unexpected things happened between Christmas and New year. Life's routine can abruptly be interrupted by nature's call.

On Christmas day, I received a message that my dear grandmother who had been sick since a few years passed away peacefully in the morning. I booked a flight on 27 Dec and then spent a week in Singapore with my family. It was the shortest trip ever in Singapore.

For the first time in 10 years, I did new year's countdown with my family in Singapore; without Seb. First time without the children as well. I am thankful to my husband who stayed at home to take care of the two boys. It was school vacation and with the lousy wet weather, the boys stayed at home most of the time. Seb was a tired man when I returned.

It was a good break for me as I got to catch up with a few close friends and stayed out late drinking coffee during the last three days. Without the kids, I had no curfew. I did not announce my return to friends as I did not want friends with children to feel obliged to meet me during this festive season.

It was hard to leave my family in France when I took the plane alone at CDG airport. And it was hard to leave my family and friends in Singapore when I boarded the plane at Changi airport. I wish things could be easier. When will tele-transporting be ready?

As we enter into the second week of 2014, I want good health for everyone I know.

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MomiJJ a dit…

Sorry for the lost. Hope your family take it well. Hope all will be well for you and families.

sohcool a dit…

Thank you MomiJJ. Catch up with you in Sg next year.