jeudi, janvier 09, 2014

Language updates and giraffe mask

A1 speaks mostly to me in english while A2 tends to speak french all the time.

A1 is more in tune to languages. When he heard the chinese new year songs I put in the car, he asked if the CD came from Singapore. I told him he was right. He replied because the songs were in chinese. He associated chinese with Singapore since Ah Ma lives in Singapore and speaks Chinese.

A2 saw my mother on Skype yesterday and shouted 'Bonne année'. I told him Ah Ma did not understand french and taught the boys to wish my mother happy new year in chinese.

This morning when I woke A2 up, he told me he did not want to go to school and a lot of other stuff all in french. I asked him 'You know, why you always speak to me in french? Mama does not understand.'. He replied me in english 'I don't know (how to say).' Sigh. He understands perfectly english and is not motivated to speak it.

For the show the boys performed during the chinese lesson, they were supposed to introduce themselves. Just three simple sentences in chinese. 'Hello everyone', 'My name is ....', 'I am ..... years old'.

A1 practiced often in the car ride while A2 refused to say anything. On that actual day, I was thinking that he would be mute like a few of his classmates. But no, A2 managed to introduce himself without flaw. This boy is an actor. He even gave a bow when he said 大家好. Funny.

So as mentioned before, this was the giraffe mask A1 and I made togather. He wore this happily during his chinese performance.

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It's good to know some foreign language...