dimanche, janvier 12, 2014

School cantine menu

Each time I ask the boys what they have for lunch, they usually say they don't know meaning they forgot, or very vague replies like 'meat, vegetables'. On rare occasions, I will get answers like tomatoes, potatoes, yoghurt etc.

The weekly lunch menu is put up on the notice board outside the school. I looked at it diligently in the beginning but as time passed, I did not bother as the menu was not always up to date.

Recently, I went into the village's website and saw the school lunch menu for the whole year. I downloaded the excel file and was delighted to see what the boys would be eating for the coming weeks.

An example of last week's lunch menu. Everyone in the school is serve the same food. In the boys' class, before lunch, the teacher would go through the menu with the students. As with french meal, there is always a starter, a main with side, a milk product and a dessert.

There were days when A1 asked me why there was no starter for dinner. I told him that I was cooking chinese. :D

If you like to have some ideas on french cusine, look up the receipes on the lists below. Upon request, I can even send you the excel file.

MENU Semaine du 6 au 10 janvier 2014


Velouté potiron Tomates sance thon Carottes râpées Betteraves vinaigrette

Rôti de Dinde Cassoulet (saucisse et Poêlée de colin filet Paupiette au veau
sauce suprême saucisson) doré au beurre jus à l'ail

Petits pois lardons Haricots blancs Purée de brocolis Frites
volaille champignons
pomme de terre

Yaourt sucré Spécialité fromagère Suisse arôme Camembert

Fruit frais de saison Spécialité pomme fraise Galette des rois Fruit frais de saison

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