lundi, février 03, 2014

The year of the horse is here

Last friday was chinese new year. While some houses still had their exterior Christmas decorations, I put up two red laterns that I bought in Singapore. Now, the whole village will know where my kids and I live.
 On Thursday, we invited a couple friends and their daughter who is A1's classmate for reunion dinner. Too bad Tika could not make it. Only Fred and Jean joined us. Fred mentioned before that he tried steamboat once in a chinese restuarant and liked it very much. We had a simple steamboat dinner and chatted away until way past the bedtime for the children.

Amazingly, the boys slept at 11pm and woke up by 7.30am. They have an early bio clock. Even sleeping late would not make them wake up much later as usual.
I had wanted to write earlier to wish everyone a good chinese new year. Alas, I was sick again. On Chinese new year day itself, I had stomach flu. The second time this year. For someone who works from home and has mininum contact with the outside world, I was disappointed to be bed bound over the weekend. I missed out a concert and it was Seb who brought the boys to the kids' concert. We also postponed a lunch gathering at Anca's place to celebrate her birthday.
I sincerely pray for good health for everyone including myself.

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