lundi, février 24, 2014

Playmobil Fun Park

On Saturday, it was another rainy day. So we decided to visit the Playmobil Fun Park since it was indoors. I read from Tripadvisor that it was best to go in the morning to avoid the weekend crowd.
The indoor park is 2000m² big with all kinds of Playmobil toys. It was paradise for the boys. The entrance fees cost 2.50€ per person. That was pretty reasonable. And of course, to trap our wallets, to exit, everyone had to pass through the Playmobil boutique. We did tell the boys that we were here to play and not to buy anything.
Girls were mainly playing with princess castles and doll houses while boys had more choices.
There were ships of all kinds. Cargo ships with containers and ports. Pirate ships with treasure islands. Police boats and leisure boats. There were lots of fire engines.
There were fortress with knights and horses. There were animals and dinosaurs; cowboys and red indians. And many others. There were thousands of Playmobil figurines.

 There was also a snack bar that sold nuggets with fries. The usual stuff in a play house.
Indeed, there was not many people in the morning so there was no lack of toys for the children. There was also an organised game to save the wild life.

After staying for two hours, we left for lunch. A1 said he wanted to eat a sandwich so we had Subway. It was the first time we bought the boys sandwiches and they ate well.

 Seb would prefer to bring the boys to Woupi where they could spend their energy running, jumping and sliding away until they were dead tired. Still, this place is a good alternative. We would come back again. Maybe on another rainy day.


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