samedi, février 15, 2014

Chinese New Year lunch

The Chinese New Year lunch with the family took place today. It was postponed from last week as we were sick then.
Seb's family always look forward to the starter which is the Yu Sheng. I brought back a set when I was in Singapore recently. We had fun tossing and mixing the ingredients. A1 only ate the salmon.
For main, I prepared beef rendang, made Wu Xiang (minced meat and prawns wrapped in beancurd skin), fried potato cubes and hotdog in tomato sauce and stir fried vegatables with sea cucumber. Of course, there was steamed white rice to go with the dishes.
My mother-in-law could not take the spicy beef rendang. My nephews love the potato in ketchup sauce. Titi who is participating in the school trip to China this week was disappointed that the lunch was postponed. He was telling his brother he would miss this dish.  
 My brother-in-law was the last to try the sea cucumber. We explained to him that the sea cucumber was not a vegetable but a sea creature living on the seabed. We added that it looked like a fat caterpillar. That was enough for him to rush to the rubbish bin and spat out.
The cheese plate was passed around after. We then attacked my home made lemon meringue tart with champagne. Lastly, we served coffee with chocolates. We ate well and I was glad everyone enjoyed the food.
My visitors brought us flowers as is often the tradition in France when invited. Seb got me a bouquet of flowers yesterday. There is never too many flowers in a house.

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Anonyme a dit…

So lovely! You are a great SG ambassador to the family!

MomiJJ a dit…

Wow, you have being cooking so much now. I wanna try your food. Yum yum