samedi, février 15, 2014

Air France promotion

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that Air France was having a promotion. However, it was for the travel period of April to June. My mother is coming during the summer holidays which starts in July. I doubted there would be a promotion during the summer holiday so was prepared to pay the normal air fare for her trip here. 

Good news came yesterday when my sister-in-law told me that Air France had a promotion. I checked out the website without much hope. I entered the dates and was delighted to see that the flight would cost one thousand Singapore dollars. That was almost half the price of a normal ticket. I quickly booked the tickets for my mother. Thank God. Furthermore, she had a 200€ Air France voucher which made the air fare even cheaper. Now that the ticket is settled, I am looking forward to her coming to take care of the boys during the school holidays. 

As for the Air France voucher, the story goes way back to last year. My mother's flight from Singapore to Paris last April was delayed a total of 28 hours. She was supposed to arrive on a Saturday morning. On Sunday, we were having a birthday lunch for A1 and was counting on her to cook us a sumptous meal. However, at the airport, all the passengers were kept waiting for many hours. She arrived at 9pm at the airport for her flight at 11pm. She was told that the flight had a technical problem and would take off at 1am. She waited at the airport and finally at 3am, the flight was cancelled. She was offered a night's stay in a hotel or a taxi to bring her home. She chose to go home as she had frozen food in her luggage bag. She needed to pack them back in the freezer. Yes, my mother brings me frozen Singapore goodies. She slept only at 5am and the next evening, finally took off at a delayed timing again. When she arrived in France, it was already Sunday morning. We reached my house at 10am and she started to prepare chicken rice and the lunch. Her lugguage bag was opened in my kitchen as she had more food stuff than clothes in it. That is my super mother.
I wrote to Air France requesting for an indemnity for the delay and the stress my mother went through. Imagine travelling alone at a senior age and having to play the waiting game. She had to go around seeking information on when the plane would take off and kept waiting at the boarding gate area; finally to be told to get back the luggage bag and return home. It was an exhausting episode. That was how she received the 200€ Air France voucher valid for a year as a compensation.
My mother had her fair share of air travel experiences. She visited me often alone and had taken different airlines sometimes transitting in other countries. She had her luggage bag lost once with two artichokes in them. It went to Australia and was returned to her the next day. When the roof collapsed at one of the terminals in CDG airport, all planes arrived at another terminal and the baggage carousel was loaded with suitcases from several flights. My mother could not find her luggage bag as there were many tall people blocking her. She exited without her bag and told Seb to go help her find her bag. Amazingly, Seb was allowed to go into the airport baggage area with my mother and helped her retrieved her bag.

I hope for her coming trip, it would be smooth sailing.    

To end, a little promotion for Air France. This Air France offer is very attractive. So do check out Air France's website if you want to visit Europe anytime now.

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