mardi, février 11, 2014

What's cooking

I have been trying out new things in the kitchen recently. No photos here as the end results were not photogenic. Taste wise, they were pretty decent. They had all been eaten up. That's proof alright.

I went to Nasi Lemak Lover blog and tried out her Homemade Chinese Pork Jerky (Bak Kwa) 肉干. It came out too dark and too sweet. Still, A1 loved it and finished the pieces. Seb was surprised that I could make it and that it was just minced pork.

I also used my Thermomix and made pineapple tarts from scratch. With the thermomix, it was really easy to make the pineapple jam. As I do not have a cookie cutter, I made square shaped pineapple tarts. The tart base was pretty plain. It went well though with the pineapple jam topping. However, A1 just ate the jam and left the square tarts on the table. I shall improve on the tart.

Other than testing these Chinese New Year goodies, I achieved a new skill. A1's new sweater's zipper was broken. I bought a new zipper; took out the spoilt zipper and sewed up the new zipper on his sweater. I am happy with the result. I can change zipper on kids' sweater. I was telling Seb that if we were in Singapore, I could have it amended cheaply. In France, cheap means to DIY.

I have climb up a new level of being a traditional mother. Yeah!

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