dimanche, août 24, 2014

A bag for my mother

 My mother is leaving France soon to go back home. When she saw me making the school bags for the boys, she asked if I could make her a simple bag with a zip. When I made my totes for friends, they often made the remarks that it would be great to be able to close the bag with a zipper.

I realised that it was time for me to take up this challenge. I turned to internet as usual and found a great site that explained clearly on how to make a zipped up bag.

I used the rest of the material from A1's bag and for the lining, I used fuchsia. The bag has both my mother's favourite colors.

Inside the bag, there are two pockets.

My mother is very happy with her new bag. It is a simple tote and just the right size for her. I bought more zippers and hopefully can make a few more to brush my skills.

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