vendredi, septembre 05, 2014

A new school year

Yipee. The two long months of school holiday is over. The boys started school on tuesday and were excited to see their friends. This year, they have school on Wednesday morning as well. This puzzled A1 as he knew that wednesday was no school day.

I would prefer the old system but with the new government in place, the new education minister has decided to spread the learning hours to 4.5 days instead of jamming into a 4 days school week. This is meant for students to have a shorter day in school. However, it is impossible for working parents to fetch their children earlier. No aide was given to the towns and cities and each town hall is left to its device to best manage the situation.

In our village, the kids have a longer lunch break and school ends earlier at 4.15pm instead of 4.30pm everyday except wednesday.  On wednesday morning, school is from 9am to noon. This defeats the idea of the education minister. Our kids are more tired than before as they spend more time in school. A1's tennis lesson on wed morning would be push to the afternoon. If we have no programs on wed, I would make the boys take a nap on wed and I notice that they still need that.

We just have to adapt to the new rhythm.

In the photo, they were carrying the school bags I made while walking to school on the first day. Before the end of the week, they had each received two birthday invitations. Such popular boys.

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